Meaningful discussions and powerful speakers

The Pan-Canadian Voice for Women’s Housing symposium hones in on women’s housing and homelessness through the various lenses of the women who make up Canada’s diverse population.

The symposium provides an opportunity for all women to voice their experiences and thoughts on women’s housing. With your input, we create recommendations for policy makers.

Participants make all the difference

I was completely heard. I felt that all that I had gone through I had not gone through in vain. Being able to share it on such a big platform, where making a change is possible, allowed for my voice to be heard.

Symposium Participant

The Pan-Canadian Women’s Housing symposium is an opportunity to bring together women from across Canada, who have knowledge and lived expertise, to discuss and advocate for real change.

Nicole Young, Advisory Circle Member

Dates to remember

October 19 and 20, 2023

Event location

Alt Hotel, Ottawa, ON

Who should attend

Women who want to learn more about the current state of women’s housing in Canada.

Women interested in joining a conversation led through an intersectional lens.

Women’s organizations who wish to connect with women with varying lived experiences on their housing issues.

What happens at our symposium

You’ll hear from multiple speakers with lived expertise, local-area service providers, and women representing national organizations. Symposium participants engage in small group conversations to further develop our [six Calls to Action], which we present to CMHC and other government representatives.

All women are welcome at our symposium

Our symposium is for all individuals who identify as women, including cis women, trans women, two-spirit, and transfemmes. We encourage the attendance of women with lived expertise with housing, housing advocates, community and national organizers, women’s organizations, and policy makers.