You Can Be a Changemaker Too!

We believe that sharing our thoughts and learning with others helps catalyse action. We hope you’ve been inspired by the stories and resources here at  

Now we’re inviting you to host an Action Club in your community. 

An Action Club is a twist on a Book Club! It’s an opportunity to invite a group of people in your community together to share experiences and listen to the SheTheyUs: Making Room in Housing podcast. 

One of our hopes is that as you listen to the SheTheyUs: Making Room In Housing podcast, is that the stories and reflections prompt new ideas and inspirations for you. An Action Club  creates an opportunity to reflect and take action together in your community. 

We offer this Activity Guide as a resource to prompt reflections on what you hear and how it relates to your own experiences, and provide some suggestions for actions you can take to get more involved.