Women deserve a voice for housing justice

Women’s housing in Canada is immensely underfunded and too often dismissed as unimportant. Women experiencing homelessness and fleeing violence are asking for a say in discussions around housing justice and affordability. Policy makers can’t make good decisions about our well being without our input.

Current policies only skim the surface of the issues that matter most to women.

“Time and time again, women have identified the complexity of the bureaucratic system as their greatest obstacle to safe, sustainable, and inclusive housing.”

What we’ve learned

Women want safe and affordable housing for themselves and their children. It is our right.


of women-led households have dire housing needs (compared to 16% for male-led households).


of women-led, lone-parent households have dire housing needs.


women and girls in Canada experience homelessness on any given day.


of families using emergency shelters are headed by single women.


women and their children get turned away from VAW shelters on the average day. Most will return to situations of violence and precarity because of it.


of women and girls living on reserves live in houses that need major repairs.