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Power in numbers

Together we can create affordable, accessible, safe, and appropriate housing for women and children.

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Our goal is to ensure that women and children have safe and affordable housing and that housing for women and children is prioritized.

Our six Calls to Action spark change

The policies that keep our housing and shelters active need improving, and our Calls to Action are one way to ensure that happens.


Housing and Women With Lived Expertise

We’re asking Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to collaborate with relevant women’s organizations and with women with lived expertise.


First Nations, Métis and Inuit Women’s Housing

We want women’s housing to be Indigenous women led, culturally relevant, and inclusive of women and children living on and off reserves.


Infrastructure Funding for Housing

We’re asking CMHC to reinstate the Shelter Enhancement Program.


A Voice for Women’s Housing

We want continued support and funding for the Pan-Canadian Voice for Women’s Housing.


Operational Funding for Women’s Housing and Women-Serving Organizations

We’re asking for operating funding for women-led, women-serving housing organizations.


Women and a Guaranteed Annual Income

We’re asking CMHC to advocate for a Guaranteed Annual Income.

Participants make all the difference

I was completely heard. I felt that all that I had gone through I had not gone through in vain. Being able to share it on such a big platform, where making a change is possible, allowed for my voice to be heard.

Symposium Participant

The Pan-Canadian Women’s Housing symposium is an opportunity to bring together women from across Canada, who have knowledge and lived expertise, to discuss and advocate for real change.

Nicole Young, Advisory Circle Member

Grow your knowledge on housing for women

Resources for women’s housing should be accessible and impactful. Get easy access to the information that matters most.


Locate immediate shelter or housing and find resources for women fleeing violence.
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Browse available research designed to improve women’s housing policies in Canada.
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Three older women smiling, gathered together after exercising outdoors. Focal point on Black woman's face.
Two older women on a bridge, one woman is pushing the other in a wheelchair.


Access training modules and information created to amplify women’s voices.
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Browse available work and volunteer opportunities related to women’s housing.
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2022 Symposium dates announced!

We are pleased to announce our 6th annual Symposium! It will take place on October 13, 14, 17, 18 & 25.

We will be launching a podcast!

We will launch a podcast all about women’s stories and experiences with housing in Canada. Stay tuned for updates on our launch date.

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Violence against women is still vastly underreported due to the stigma around it and the shame many women feel experiencing it. Many women and their children continue to become unhoused after fleeing violence and abuse. #endvaw #safehousing

Today marks National Housing Day. We ALL have the right to safe, secure and affordable housing. Stability is something that unhoused individuals struggle to achieve. We need stability to thrive in all avenues of our lives. #safehousing #housingforall #nationalhousingday