This opportunity is offered to women and gender-diverse people living in Canada with lived experience – past or current – of barriers to safe, secure, appropriate and affordable housing.

Applicant Info

If you identify as a women or gender-diverse person with lived expertise – past or current – of barriers to safe, secure, appropriate and affordable housing and you are able to participate in all four of these Skills Sharing Sessions, you are eligible to receive an honorarium for your time.

The issue of housing in Canada for women and gender-diverse people affects various intersections, identities and persons with lived experiences in different ways and we always want to ensure that this diversity of experiences is represented . In an effort to support and amplify a spectrum of inclusive and diverse voices, it would be helpful for us to know the ways you identify. If you would like to share this information, please check the boxes that apply to you. ->

Examples include: need access to stable and reliable internet access, no email address, no direct phone line, no quiet space to participate, etc.

Your Lived Experience

Pan-Canadian Voice for Women’s Housing has always emphasized the importance of gaining wisdom through listening to women and gender-diverse people with lived experience.

This is at the heart of our Calls to Action. Your voice helps identify existing gaps in housing for households led by women and gender-diverse people.

If you knew it would help get more housing built for women and gender-diverse people, would you consider sharing your story and experiences with inadequate, unaffordable or dangerous housing in any of these ways?

We’ll ask you these questions again at the end of the skills sessions!